Alirajpur is a district of Madhya Pradesh, situated in the Malwa region. Many of the inhabitants are aboriginal.
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Hindi, Rathvi, Malvi
Augest - March
Nearest Railway stations is Dahod, Regular buses are available from Vadodra (150 km), Kukshi (47 Km) & Jhabua(85 Km ).(Get Directions)
Auto, Taxis
There are a Rest Houses of PWD and many private Hotels at alirajpur. A nearby city Jhabua has better Hotels and lodging facilities.
Kachori, Tadi (alcoholic)


According to historical records, the principality was founded by the Rajput Rathore dynasty in 1437. The state's last ruler was Surendra Singh, who also served as India's ambassador to Spain in the 1980s. When India gained its independence in 1947, the rulers of Alirajpur acceded to the Union of India, which eventually became part of the district of Jhabua, under the new state of Madhya Bharat.
The district is the most recent addition to Madhya Pradesh. It is named after its headquartering town Alirajpur, which was formerly the capital of a princely state of India, under the Central India Agency's Bhopar Agency subdivision. In 1901, the state's population was listed as 50,185. The rulers were entitled to an 11-gun salute and were styled as Rajas.



It has a total area of 2165.24 square kilometers. As of the census taken in 2001, the district has a total population of 2,488,003, people spread in around 551 villages. The district's boundaries include the neighboring states of Maharashtra and Gujarat.
Alirajpur's topography is predominantly hilly. Its economy depends primarily on agricultural endeavors, especially farming of mangoes. The agricultural trading yard in Alirajpur is the biggest in all the state when it comes to mango trading. A very rare species of mangoes, named 'Noor Jahan' can only be found in Alirajpur. In town of Katthiwara are the last four trees of this rare variety of mangoes. 

By Rail: The nearest railway station in Alirajpur is the Dahod Railway station in Gujarat. 
By Air: The nearest airport is found in Indore, the Devi Ahilya Bai Holeker Airport.
By Road: The distance of Alirajpur is 150km from Vadodara, 48 kilometers from Kukshi (Dhar) and 85 Km form Jhabua. Road is very good to reach here from every side. It is located 250km away from Indore and also with several direct buses available from there.




Alirajpur (also known as Ali Rajpur) is a city and a municipality in Alirajpur district, in the state of Madhya Pradesh, India. Alirajpur has all the basic facilities like Police station, District Health center, Community Health Center, Power supply, ATM, School etc


Tribal communities make their homes with bamboo and mud; the ceilings are made from clay tiles. The houses have a backyard and a front porch. In Alirajpur city, many new multi-storey buildings are being built.



'Bhagoriya', 'Ind', 'Choudas', 'Galbabji', 'Gata Stapna Divas', 'Nawai' festival at harvesting, 'Babadev Puja' and 'Patla Pujan' are main festivals for the tribes in Alirajpur district. They also celebrate major Hindu festival like Holi,Diwali and Rakhi with joy.

The marriage is fixed on mutual consent from girl's and boy's family by 'Panchayat'. It is compulsory for groom's family to gift 'Dapa'. Dapa is a form of dowry which comprises of money, silver jewelry, goats and grains. 48 deities of Bhil called totem and ancestors keep an eye on the living in the form of bird, trees and animals; inclusive of 19 bird, 17 trees, and 12 animals. Choran mata, Khatrij are ancestor gods. 

Bhagoria is celebrated as the principal festival among the tribal communities of this area, the most famous and attractive Bhagoria is that of Valpur and Bakhatgarh of Sondwa development block of the district Alirajpur.

There are many folk dances like Patla-gho, Pandal Dance, Crop Dances, Marghi Chdro (Cock Dance) which is performed by tribes during main festivals. 


Alirajpur is mainly inhabited by three communities Bhil, Bheelala and Patliya. The men usually wrap lion cloth and wear a kurta as their daily attire, while women wear Ghaghra, Choli and Odhni. The district has 55% Bhilalas, 21% Patlya, 15% Bhil and 9% is made up by other diverse groups.


Famous For

Alirajpur is famous for its Jain temples. The Laxmaniji Teerth, houses the idol of Padma Prabhu Swami as its main deity. Another temple worth seeing is the Shri Laksamani Teerth located some 8 kilometers from the main headquarter town. This 2000 year old temple sports a large main hall, with 140 colorful and artistic stone archives hidden away in the inner halls. The temple's main deity is Shri Padmaprabh Bhagvan, in a white stone idol in the Padmasana posture. In southern part of the district there is a famous temple of Kajalrani tucked in dense forests.