Bead work is done by sewing several tiny beads together using a long needle. Traditional tribal designs are crafted with great skill and patience making each product unique and a beauty to behold.

Raw Materials

Cotton threads- These are sourced from local markets as well as from nearby cities, Indore and Bhopal.
Colored glass beads-These are sourced from Delhi and Mumbai. Sometimes the beads also imported.



As the craft is mostly hand made using only few materials, not much waste is created. Wastes include unused and broken glass beads as well as faulty threads.

Tools & Technology

Needle-This is a long needle used to thread together tiny glass beads.
Scissors-Used to cut the threads.
Holder frame-Used to hold the beads and threads in place while threading the design.



There are no special rituals involved.


The floor is cleaned first and an old rag or 'Sadalo' is spread out. The beads are taken off from their holder thread and sorted in different heaps according to their colors. The sling of the thread is unwound and looped around the toe, while the ends of the thread are held in one hand. With the other hand each thread is taken out one by one.

No sketches or graphs are made, but the designs are verbally pre-decided by the women. Most of the designs follow age old patterns with slight modifications in the choice of colors.