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Pattachitra scroll paintings have evolved around the cult Lord Jagannath of Puri seen in stories, walls, on cards and many more. They are the only paintings that replace the idols of Gods and are regarded with the same reverence. Literal word meaning, ‘painting on cloth’.

Pipli Applique work

Originating from the town of Pipli, these craftsmen used to make canopies, banners, umbrellas and fans for festivals held in Puri’s famous temple whose usage was associated with the various religious ceremonies of Lord Jagannath.

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Being the blessed land of Lord Jagannath, it is believed he himself dines at Puri, so all ingredients, items and vessels used to prepare and eat food are of great importance. Thus, only the earthen pots are used to cook the temple’s mahaprasad, referring to its innate quality.

Filigree Jewelry 

Hailing from Cuttack, renowned for its meticulous silver filigree works, makes ornaments, portraits, models and much more. During performances as puri, traditional dancers like Gotipua, Odissi, Chou Dancers all perform before deities decorated in these silver filigree ornaments.

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Chariot Making

The famous Raths of Puri created specifically for the Rath Yatra festival usually takes 58 days to complete. Their scale is as massive and majestic to fit the divinity of the gods they carry. Millions of devotees watch the possession each year to receive the blessing of the Lords.

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