5 Must have Indian Sculptures in your Indian Decor


Dhokra sculpture is an ancient form of metal casting that originated in India and is still practiced by tribal communities. It involves using the lost wax technique to create intricate and unique metal sculptures.

Origin: Betul, Madhya Pradesh

Figures of elephants, camels, owls, horses and tortoises are commonly seen in Dhokra Art, they are mostly inspired from stories of hindu mythology.

Bronze Sculptures

Exemplifying intricate carvings and expressive forms, Dravidian-style sculptures emerged as iconic representations, particularly during the Chola dynasty, showcasing elaborate details and artistic finish.

Origin: Tamil Nadu

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Beyond religious themes, Tamil Nadu's rich sculpture heritage extends to secular art, portraying historical events, cultural traditions, and the nuances of everyday life, capturing a comprehensive glimpse of the region's cultural tapestry.

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Wood carving

The historic architecture of Kerala showcases an abundance of crafted wooden sculptures, while skilled carpenters masterfully create art in furniture alongside the traditional depiction of popular animals, intricate designs, and revered deities.

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Origin: Kerala

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Most popular figures among Kerala wood carvings is, the rosewood elephant and the idol sculptures of Ganesh, Krishna and Dashavatars.

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Panchaloha statues

Panchaloha, an ancient metal alloy composed of Gold, Silver, Copper, Zinc, and Iron, holds immense significance as it was meticulously crafted by our ancestors for worshiped idols, infusing them with powerful energy for thousands of years.

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Origins: Tamil Nadu

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With their masterful detailing and casting techniques, these sculptures embody beauty and spiritual essence, renowned for their lasting durability and corrosion resistance.

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Marble Sculptures

Sawai Jai Singh II's patronage and support attracted artisans from diverse regions to Jaipur, fostering a thriving community of marble sculptors known for their skill and craftsmanship.

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Origin: Jaipur, Rajasthan

Jaipur's marble sculptures, created by artisans with generations of expertise, captivate with intricate detailing, reflecting the city's rich artistic heritage and the enduring beauty of Makrana marble.


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