5 Traditional Floor Paintings of India

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Unlike other floor arts, Kolams are drawn daily at door steps in Tamil Nadu. A kolam is believed to keep the house safe by warding off evil and impure energies.

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It is usually drawn during the festival of Makar Sankranti, covering large areas. Common designs depicted are farming tools, flowers, utensils and other agriculture related motifs.

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Floors and walls of houses are decorated with these designs by women of the Meena community in Rajasthan. It is a floor art for Diwali, drawn on specially prepared surfaces using cow dung mixed with local clay.

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Kalam Ezhuthu

Practiced usually by Kurup and Pulava communities of Kerala in temples. They are colorful depictions of gods and goddesses using natural colors. Deities include Bhadrakali, Ayyapan and Kamadeva.

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Common in Maharashtra, Rangoli is a term generally referring to floor paintings across India.They are believed to represent happiness and prosperity by welcoming Goddess Lakshmi of luck and good wealth.

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