8 Popular Crafts from Jammu and Kashmir


Pinjirakari is the craft of latticework in Kashmir.The most distinguishing fact of this woodwork is its lack of use of glue, the pieces are held in position by precise joinery and the pressure exerted on each.

Reshmee Kaleen

‘Reshmee Kaleen’ or silk carpets are famous for their intricate hand-knotting technique that makes it a highly prized work of art. The delicate appearance of these carpets belies a tough and durable strength that can withstand pressure and last a lifetime.

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Khatamband is a specialty in the art of Kashmiri woodwork and comprises the making of ceilings of rooms, from thin panels of pinewood, cut into geometrical designs; held together by fine joinery.

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Kashida is the traditional name of Kashmiri embroidery, which came with the Persians, just as the motifs and style suggest much Persian influence. The work is very colorful and derives its designs from elements in the scenic beauty of the land.

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Pashmina Shawls

The rarity and intricacy of designs, coupled with its functionality made pashmina shawls popular. The shawls were sought after for their warmth as well as kept as heirlooms.

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Taking inspiration from their surroundings this craft involves the use of paper pulp for creating beautiful artifacts painted by expert craftsmen in lifelike images of kingfishers, maple leaves and other motifs.

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Namda are felted rugs that are made by enmeshing wool fibers with water, soap and pressure and then embroidering the resultant fabric. These are extensively used in Kashmiri households as an effective and inexpensive floor covering and mattress.

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Jammu and Kashmir enjoys a monopolized market for wickerwork. Straws, grass and leaves are used to make domestic containers that are used to store the agricultural produce. Wicker is produced profusely in the region and it is one of the main industries.

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