Famous Block Prints of India


Ajrakh is believed to have the sky as its theme. Blue represents the sky, evening by the color red and night by black.

Origin: Ajrakhpur village of Gujarat


Kalamkari consist of floral and animal designs, persian influenced ornamental birds and mughal inspired archways. Apart from that, they also narrate religious and mythological themes.

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Origin: Masulipatnam, Andhra Pradesh


The wooden blocks used for Bagh printing consist of 300 year old blocks based on traditional motifs, inspired by 1500-year-old paintings found in the caves of the region.

Origin: Dhar district, Madhya Pradesh


The prints from the villages, locally known as ‘gaam’ of India, are called the ‘Gamthi’ prints. Patterns of floral, free forms and geometric motifs are their key features, each design consisting of 2-3 colors each.

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Origin: Ahmedabad, Gujarat


The folk, trading, agricultural and artisan communities of the local population, each had their own combination of colors and motifs in the attire they wore. Bagru prints marked a community's identity as well as seasons.

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Origin: Bagru village in Rajasthan


The colors of the sky; blue, indigo and red are replicated in the regional attire with Akola motifs, owing to their belief in the gods of nature and the worship of what gives them life.

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Origin: Akola in Rajasthan


Nandana prints are the staple traditional attire of women of the local Bhil tribes. Their importance in the tribe and among other women were determined by the motif they wore.

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Origin: Tarapur in Madhya Pradesh


The most popular feature in Sanganeri is the delicate and extensive use of fine motifs, such as flowers, paisleys, and nature-inspired elements in soothing hues to create visual harmony.

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Origin: Sanganer, Rajasthan

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