Popular tribal paintings of India


Pithora paintings are ritualistic paintings done by the Rathwa tribes of central Gujarat. These paintings in homes are believed to bring peace, prosperity and happiness.

These paintings depict the main deity called Pithora and a procession displaying his accomplishments. They are also believed to be an old method of cartography.


Gond paintings are indigenous graphic expressions of Gond tribes of Madhya Pradesh. They have a unique style of creating textures by descriptive patterns.

These colorful, descriptive paintings are holistic depictions of tribal life. They depict the nature around them in an expression unique to Gonds.


\Warli painting is a tribal art form created mostly by tribes from North Sahyadri Range in Maharashtra. It was mainly done by the female folk.

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Its significance is that it does not depict mythological characters or images of deities, but social life. They are traditionally practiced on mud walls with white paste

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Santhal folk paintings are a unique form of tribal art that originated in the Santhal tribe of West Bengal.

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The paintings depict the daily life activities, mythology, and nature-related themes of the Santhal tribe, and are characterized by the use of bold lines, bright colors, and geometric patterns

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Bhil art is an intimate art form from Central India, created by the Bhils, the second largest tribal community in India

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Consists of large, un-lifelike shapes of everyday characters with earthy yet bright colors and then covered with an overlay of uniform dots in several patterns and colors.


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