What  is  khadi?

Khadi is a handspun and handwoven fabric that holds great historical and cultural significance in India. It is mostly spun on cotton yarn.

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It is made from natural fibers such as cotton, silk, or wool, and is known for its coarse texture and breathability. Made by using the yarn spun on a wheel or “charkha”.

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Khadi is closely associated with Mahatma Gandhi and the Indian independence movement, as he promoted its use as a symbol of self-reliance and resistance against British-made textiles.

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The production of khadi supports rural artisans and promotes sustainable livelihoods in India.

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It represents the ideals of simplicity, sustainability, and economic empowerment.


Today, khadi is cherished as a versatile fabric used for clothing, accessories, and home furnishings, reflecting India's rich heritage and commitment to ethical fashion.

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