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By Gaatha - A tale of craft Aug 3, 2022


Weaving, Kerala



Chendamangalam cluster of handloom weaving is known for their benchmark quality. In the arly days during the origin of Chendamangalam weaving, the weaving was mainly done for only the royal members of the Paliam family, the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cochin.



Although it is considered as a myth, people of this town still believe that the cotton dhotis woven by the Chendamangalam weavers are so fine that it could still pass through a ring. This is because, it is said that this cluster weaves in fine 100 and 120 count.



There is an interesting legend about the origin of the weavers Devanga community. Paramshwara’s created Deva Angam and ask to visitVishnu. Vishnu’s instructions. “Do you weave cloth to serve as a covering for the universe’s occupants?”, Vishnu retorted. The lotus flower fibers that had grown from his navel were subsequently given to him by Vishnu, who also showed him how to turn them into cloth. Lord Vishnu accepted a piece of cloth that Deva Angam had woven for him. Ten thousand weavers were created by Deva Angam, who used to go into the forest and gather tree fiber to weave into cloth for the Devatas, or gods, and the human race.



was woven without motifs and only with a plain Zari border or coloured borders. In course of time, simple designs started to be incorporated on the sarees like ‘Buttas and Butti’. Later, emphasis was made on creating intricate patterns and designs. The designs were mostly geometrical patterns, especially lines the best. At present,



The uniqueness of this craft lies in its structure. The weaving of Chendamangalam called ‘Kaithari’ is an ancient formula of turning thread into a fully woven cloth. Ernakulam’s Chendamanglam’s weaving stands out for its elegance and visual restraint. However, beneath its simple and yet elegant appearance lies a cultural legacy and unique aesthetic.

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