Why is it  called lost wax casting?

Lost wax casting, also known as investment casting, derives its name from the process of creating a metal object by using a wax model that is 'lost' during the casting process.

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This ancient technique involves creating a wax replica of the desired object, which is then coated with a ceramic material to form a mold known as the investment.

When the mold is heated, the wax melts and flows out, leaving behind a cavity in the shape of the original wax model.

Molten metal is poured into the cavity, filling the space left by the melted wax and taking its shape. Thus the distinctive name, “lost wax casting”.

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This method, practiced for over 5,000 years, offers precision and versatility, and it continues to be widely used in traditional Indian crafts and modern applications.


In India, traditional craft Dhokra casting utilizes the lost wax casting technique to create intricate metal sculptures and artifacts is a perfect example of this technique.

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