Artistry at your feet: Juttis, handcrafted with love and tradition.

A perfect mix of tradition and culture which is equally loved by the people of all ages, ‘Jutti’ is derived from an Urdu word for a shoe. This type of shoe has a closed upper and is slipped-on.

Symbolic to authentic and ethnic beauty passed on through generations and it is an important part of the traditional Punjabi culture.

Worn by both men and women, and the form and style of a Punjabi jutti for men and women are different. Gabroos (Punjabi men) are drawn to the Khussa jutti due to the upturned curl at the toe, which resembles the typically Punjabi and masculine kundi mooch (curled mustache).

Mutiyaars, (Punjabi women), prefer Kasoori jutti which has dainty, feminine designs representing elegance.

Juttis are an essential part of Punjabi culture. The jutti is the traditional footwear of north India and a source of pride and establishes a collective identity. It also represents their ethnicity and has become an integral part of their attire.

Sculpting Tradition, Crafting Elegance

The process of making these juttis is highly laborious and gruelling. Since even though modernised machines can be used in this craft, still some parts of it need to be handmade. This also makes it special and also at times bespoke.